CLIENT: A fortune 500 IT company with both hardware and software products used worldwide

The client had multiple locations throughout the world, often with multiple buildings on a single campus, and multiple conference rooms in those buildings, that could be very hard to find


  • Design a simple to use mobile app that would allow a user to interact with a map of a building to see where a given conference room is located
  • Create a simple interface for the end user
  • Make the display map informative, yet simple (include visible relevant landmarks (restrooms, stairwells, vending/snack areas), and exclude those that are not as well known (network closets, fire extinguisher locations, and column numbers)center (lab).


  • MSSI worked with the client’s facilities teams to get accurate maps of existing sites
  • Designed simplified color coded maps that would be visually easy for the end user to see the different types of rooms
  • Created an interactive map, so any conference room that was tapped would bring up conference room details (such as seating capacity, and available IT/AV in the room)
  • Made the map interactive by allowing zooming and the ability to move around the map
  • Created Search feature, with conference rooms searchable by name, and or by number
  • Enable a pull down, to ‘drill down’ to the correct location, starting at town, then campus, then building, then floor

TECHNOLOGY: iOS, Appcelerator, INTEl XDK, JavaScript, Android SDK, Apple's XCode, HTML5, INTEL XDK, JSON Data Transfer, BaaS framework