CLIENT: A fortune 500 IT company with both hardware and software products used worldwide

BUSINESS PROBLEM: The client does not have a convenient way for pre-sales, post-sales, and field personnel to enter information regarding customer interactions, which had an impact on efficiency, customer data depth, and up to the minute information.


  • Design a simple to use mobile app that would allow a user to enter customer feedback and information into a pre-defined format, with ‘free text’ fields that will allow the user to enter any specific information needed, if the pre-filled pick list is not adequate
  • Create a simple interface for the end user
  • Create an app that is secure


  • MSSI developed an overall database design to meet the needs of the client
  • MSSI designed the interface, and the flow of the interface utilizing feedback from multiple future end users to ensure, and ease of use, and the applications acceptance by the target user group
  • MSSI utilized existing security protocols to ensure the apps security, while allowing background data submissions to be performed as the user used the mobile device for other activities

TECHNOLOGY: iOS, SQL, Appcelerator, INTEl XDK, JavaScript, Android SDK, Apple's XCode, HTML5, INTEL XDK, JSON Data Transfer, BaaS framework