CLIENT: A worldwide manufacturer/distributer of power and hand tools

BUSINESS PROBLEM: Our client acquired a company with some business critical systems that were severely out of date, both hardware and software.  The company had it in their plan to integrate this system with their own but not for one and half years


  • Assess the current infrastructure
  • Provide support for the existing environment
  • Develop a low cost replacement for the system to be utilized until the migration to the final system


  • MSSI sent in an architect, engineer, and project manager to assess the current system, and environment
  • Analyzed the infrastructure, determined the highest risks, began working on solution that would address highest risks first
  • MSSI worked with the client to determine the appropriate level of support needed, and implemented an off-shore team to provide the need support
  • Designed a very inexpensive solution allowing the infrastructure to be upgraded to current standards until the integration was completed

TECHNOLOGY: Novel Netware, Oracle, OS2 Warp, VMWare, SQL