CLIENT: A fortune 500 IT company with both hardware and software products used worldwide

BUSINESS PROBLEM: The client had multiple small test data centers, with extensive infrastructure with little or no cost control, and duplication of effort and infrastructure


  • Gather inventory of existing data centers, and determine functionality and purpose
  • Design a single test data center (lab), capable of meeting the needs of all the individual datacenters, but managed as a single data center
  • Eliminate duplicate infrastructure
  • Migrate remaining infrastructure to new data center


  • MSSI worked with the multiple client teams to determine what was being done in their data center
  • Inventoried the infrastructure in each data center
  • Determined the issues, risks, and vulnerabilities of the existing infrastructure, and put mitigation steps into place
  • Designed a solution that consolidated as much infrastructure as possible into both physical and virtual environment
  • Implemented the consolidation of systems, and the migration of remaining infrastructure to the new single lab
  • Client was extremely satisfied with our design and implementation, we were asked to manage the data center going forward, and continue to manage the data center today

TECHNOLOGY: Cisco UCS, Cisco Network Switches, Brocade fiber switch, EMC Enterprise Storage, Dell Servers, HP Servers