At MSSI, we understand that organizations are confronted with the challenge of developing cutting-edge technologies and implementing business applications to be able to withstand demands of their customers.

MSSI is a leading service organization providing technology, management, and compliance consulting as well as staffing and outsourcing services.  Our areas of expertise include all areas of infrastructure, architectural assessments, infrastructure assessments, risk assessments, project & program management, application development, and offshore office setup.

Our real strength comes from combining these services to address the specific business and technology needs of our clients all in one place. Our people possess a wide range of talents and a demonstrated track record of success.

Our clients, many of which are Fortune 1000 companies in various industries, rely on our expertise, objective insight and ability to deliver innovative, customized answers to even the toughest technology and business challenges.

Be it building a custom or packaged application, implementing state of the art infrastructure or providing 24/7 outsourced support to meet your unique requirements, Team-MSSI does it all.

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